With the holiday season fast approaching, I start to stress about all the details and deadlines that are looming. Today, I was reminded of the philosophy of a dear friend, “May you die young at a very old age”, which she accomplished at 96 years. I thought back to my youth and how much I loved to finger paint and began to play!

Magenta Post 11-21

First, I applied gesso to four small 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ canvases. I, then, added acrylic paint with my fingers.


Next, I used several stencils and colors of acrylic paints to add layers. Be sure to dry between layers.


I also added some stamping.


Then, I used the flower mask and applied purple acrylic paint to all surfaces not protected by the mask.


I outlined the masked area with white pen, then stamped and embossed the sentiment.

These could be a gift for someone special. One item checked off the list!

For a complete list of Magenta products used, please go to the Magenta blog and search Joy of Art or DT Jane Jones.