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What’s Your Story?

Pencil and water soluble graphite sketch on a gessoed page in my giant moleskine sketchbook.  I used  Dina Wakley media collage tissue, Scribble Sticks in Umber and Elephant and Umber acrylic paint.

20190122_184719 (2)

Do Not Feed the Fears

This seemed an appropriate sentiment for the big fearful look in her eyes. Some journaling about overcomimg fears and daring to see what happens. Inspired by Dina Wakley’s new product releases at Creativation trade show in Arizona.  From her products, I used washi tapes, collage tissue and paints: Turquoise, Magenta and Night.

20190121_205314 (3)

What Lies Beneath


Looking inside to expose the shadows, doubts and fears to bring them to the light and find peace and forgiveness. I had painted this face some months ago with watercolor markers but hated how the hair came out. I almost threw her out but stuck it in the back of my journal until I came across her the other day. I decided to cut off her hair and then the idea came to tuck her behind the burlap page I painted. I cut open the burlap and tucked it back and sewed it open. It fits my reflective mood and my word for the year of “Freedom”.

wlb 1

wlb 2

wlb 3

Just Because


Whimsical face just because it was fun to do and it’s cold and sleety outside! Started with a napkin collage on kraft page in my large Dina Wakley Media journal. Then scraped on my new favorite paint – Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold by Golden.  Add some black and red Stabilo All pencil, white charcoal pencil and here she is.

Plunge Inside

Plunge Inside

Art journal page on canvas in my large Dina Wakley Media journal. Lots of mixed media layers, drawing and collage.


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