Plain Jane Scraps

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Scribble Sticks

What’s Your Story?

Pencil and water soluble graphite sketch on a gessoed page in my giant moleskine sketchbook.  I used  Dina Wakley media collage tissue, Scribble Sticks in Umber and Elephant and Umber acrylic paint.

20190122_184719 (2)

#the100dayproject – Final Days

#the100dayproject – Week 12

#the100dayproject – Week 11

#the100dayproject – Week 10

#the100dayproject – Week 9

#the100dayproject – Week 8

#the100dayproject – Week 5

Journal Play

20180430_062633 (2)

Collaged napkin pieces and dictionary page scraps onto a canvas page in my Dina Wakley Media Journal.  Added a photo of a hawk that has been nesting in our back yard. Used Dina Wakley Media Scribble Sticks in Sky and Lapis and some scribbling with a Stabilo All pencil.

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