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Drawing Faces

Guardian Angel


I know I must have one. Gesso, watercolors and paint pen over acrylic mop up page in my art journal. Gotta love those ready made backgrounds from leftover paints!



20190504_215240 (2)

Graphite and charcoal on acrylics over collage in my art journal.

Listen To Your Spirit Voice


Sketching in my paint mop up journal.

The Blues

20190329_165724 (2)

Sketching in my paint mop up journal.

First Day of Spring

Lynda's Canvas 2

“Where flowers bloom so does hope” – Lady Bird Johnson. Daffodils are my favorite flower and they are just starting to poke through the still frozen ground in the garden closest to the house. The rest of the yard is still inches deep with snow, but I have hope we will soon be seeing green! I created this on a 17″x13″ canvas board gifted to me by a friend. I started with collage, using a bunch of scraps of painted papers in my stash, then layered with acrylic and chalk paints and stencils. Drew and painted my daffodil and girl, then painted over the busy background. I framed it in with Paper Artsy chalk paints through a stencil and smeared a Distress Crayon over the edges. Love all the underlying texture!



Paradise. Playing with my Lyra Aquacolor water-soluble crayons and luscious Stamperia Rice Paper Decoupage sheet gifted to me by a dear friend. Of course I had to paint a girl in to enjoy the scene.



Journaling emotions really can be therapeutic. Mechanical pencil, graphite and blending stump.

At Peace

20190301_143712 (2)

Derwent Inktense Outliner pencil over Dina Wakley acrylic paints in Lemon and Magenta and gesso on a collage page in my handsewn junk journal. Love how all the edges of the torn pages show through. Makes it look medieval to me.


Twisted Sister

Twisted sister

Titled by hubby ’cause her face is pretty wonky and crooked. Just playing with my Dina Wakley acrylic paints in my handsewn junk journal on this grey, freezing rain yucky day!

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